A New Front in the Abortion Debate?

I wrote in the most recent issue of the HPR that the Supreme Court would be unlikely to dramatically alter its abortion jurisprudence, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election. My piece was meant to quiet hyperventilating liberals who feared that a McCain presidency automatically spelled doom for abortion rights. Of course, my prediction … Read more

Shorten the Transition Period

Ah, the transition period. Yes, these might just be the longest eleven weeks in our nation’s history, as our economy teeters on the brink and we fight two costly wars, and all anybody can talk about is who will be Obama’s deputy assistant chief of staff and what Todd Palin needed with $40,000 worth of … Read more

On Bipartisanship

Briefly: It’s a load of bull. Less briefly: “Bipartisanship” is a feel-good election-y term that should not, and cannot, be the way President Obama gets things done in Washington. Let me offer some thoughts on the matter.  First off, there’s now no incentive for most of the Republican Party to cooperate with Obama, especially in … Read more

The Myth of the Youth Vote

On a politically active and overwhelmingly liberal college campus such as Harvard, Barack Obama’s victory looks like a triumph for the youth vote. The impressive turnout to campus returns-watching events seemed the logical culmination of months of informal debate among students about the impending election and excitement surrounding absentee voting. The chants of “Yes, we … Read more

The Adolescent Years

After Barack Obama’s victory on Tuesday Paul Krugman wrote that the election wasn’t “just a victory for tolerance; it wasn’t just a mandate for progressive change; it was also, I hope, the end of the monster years.” Krugman seemed to suggest that people like Karl Rove are monsters because they contributed offensive ideas to the … Read more

Happy Democracy Day!

It’s November 4, 2008. I’m currently sitting in a history seminar on the Yalta Conference of 1945, discussing how the Allied leaders decided to divvy up the Balkans. It’s striking to read the statements of Stalin and Churchill, because they read like ancient history. Churchill was driven by a single animating desire: the preservation of … Read more