The Cuban Paradox

In 2016, the majority of Cuban-Americans supported a candidate that made anti-immigration a cornerstone of his campaign — a choice that is difficult to reconcile with the behavior of other Latino voters. Exit polls for the greater Cuban-American population in Florida, for example, indicate that a disproportionate amount of Cuban-Americans supported Trump compared to other … Read more

China’s Brewing Tea Revival

A traditional tea ceremony. “…moist with the wealth of the Earth, blessed with the sweet spirit of Heaven… Chaste and true like new frost, pure like the Void, harmonizing the spirit, blending within, languidly free, effortlessly Empty.” Such was the reverence of ancient China’s poets and authors for tea, now the world’s most widely consumed … Read more

Antibiotic Resistance: The Upcoming Problem of Our New Century

A cursory search through the internet reveals countless alarming articles on antibiotic resistance: “Drug-resistant superbug a factor in seven deaths in Limerick”. “Nevada Woman Died From Near-Ultimate Superbug”. “‘Antibiotic apocalypse’: doctors sound alarm over drug resistance”, “A Superbug That Resisted 26 Antibiotics.” According to a 2013 CDC report on antibiotic-resistant threats to the US, more … Read more

Congress Comes to Cambridge

From December 4 to December 6, Harvard Institute of Politics staff members carefully checked identification before letting anyone into the elevator of the Taubman Building at the Kennedy School of Government. Occasionally, someone would walk in and ask where the big event was being held. The attendants would then explain that visitors were not allowed … Read more

The Worrisome Deal: China and Saudi Arabia

Since arriving at the Oval Office, the Trump administration has worked to tackle the United States’ massive trade deficit by pursuing aggressive tactics, especially towards China. Aimed at revising previously established trade deals and establishing tariffs, is tactics reinforce his pompous beat that “countries have been taking advantage of the United States for many years … Read more

Climate Politics: Plant Response to Rise in CO2

So far, climate change hasn’t offered us a pretty picture of the future. Water scarcity, extreme heat, rising oceans—there isn’t much cheer in the voice of scientists as they describe our planet at 900 parts per million (ppm) CO2, an atmospheric measure of carbon dioxide that is over double today’s concentration. According to some scientists, … Read more

The House and Harvard: Interview with Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas ’02 is the Democratic representative-elect from NH-1. He previously served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives before becoming the treasurer of Hillsborough County. In 2014, he was elected to the New Hampshire Executive Council. Pappas earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Harvard College in 2002. Harvard Political Review: … Read more