Peretz Losing Pull at TNR

The New York Post reports that Marty Peretz is stepping down from his role as editor-in-chief of The New Republic.
Further, Peretz seems to be on the losing side of an internal struggle over his writing. In his New York Times profile of Peretz earlier this week, Steven Rodrick writes that

Multiple New Republic staff members told me that The Spine would soon be replaced by a rigorously edited weekly Peretz column. In Tel Aviv, Peretz laughed at the thought. “That’s not going to happen,” Peretz said.

TNR’s recently-modified homepage has no link or reference to the The Spine, suggesting that the magazine’s new leadership has killed, or at least buried, Peretz’s controversial blog.
It’s too early to see if Peretz will write the edited weekly column mentioned above. More important — but even more difficult to see for some time — is whether this organizational change will have a substantive impact on the magazine’s Israel coverage.
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