Anthony Weiner’s Corruption

Any sympathy I could have had for Anthony Weiner largely evaporated when I read this article in the Times a few days ago. The article describes how Weiner “sought to transform informal online conversations about politics and partisanship into sexually charged exchanges.” One woman shared his “concern over his conservative critics,” and another “praise[d] him … Read more

Schooling the Activist

An Activist’s Year in Review Last week, reporter Monica Dodge wrote the Crimson’s update on student activism in 2010-2011. Her article, “The Evolution of Activism,” argued that students have now put “classes before causes” and more frequently rely on internet messaging instead of inter-personal organizing; student activists at Harvard “are less eager to leave behind … Read more

McCain Clears the Air on Torture

In the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s death, the merits of enhanced interrogation are at issue again.  Required reading on the topic is Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) op-ed in the Washington Post on Thursday.  For anyone who distinguishes between “new McCain” and “old McCain,” this is old McCain at his finest: principled, independent, and convincing. … Read more

Why do we read the news?

James Fallows’ awesomely-titled article on the future of journalism – “Learning to Love the (Shallow, Divisive, Unreliable) New Media” – is well worth reading in full, like almost everything he writes. It’s one of those articles that validates its central thesis by virtue of its existence: Fallows is a perfect example of what the future of … Read more

Smoking at Harvard

Smoking has long been a source of contention among many Americans, but lately anti-smoking campaigns have made serious progress throughout the country. By one count, 3,270 municipalities have some ban against smoking, and cities like Cambridge have recently investigated banning smoking in public places. More than 365 colleges nationwide have joined this trend by banning … Read more