The Issue With Wal-Mart

Reading through the article, “Tear Down this Wal“, I couldn’t help but comment that if the people don’t want Wal Mart, then they will stop shopping there.

The issue of Wal Mart has been around and prominent for quite a while and people have chosen to stop shopping there, but the fact remains that millions shop at Wal Mart each year. Why? Because they provide “low prices for the average American.” If the people of the US did not want Wal Mart, then the simple solution is to let economic theory take it’s toll… if there is no demand for Wal Mart, there will be no supply of Wal Mart.

I guess I just wanted to bring that up. People I know complain about Wal Mart all the time, but it doesn’t stop them from shopping there because they want the cheap prices that Wal Mart offers. I understand that Wal Mart has some major issues with healthcare and employment and otherwise and I do think it is important that Democrats stand up and legislate against abuse of corporate power, but I would also argue that Wal Mart is important to America (if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be so big).

-Richard Kelley, Business Manager

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