We Need to Lower the Voting Age

With the Cambridge municipal elections approaching on November 5 comes an important opportunity to draw new attention to the issue of youth voting. While they represent the least reliable voting demographic by age in the United States, 18 to 24-year-olds have a significant stake in both local and national elections. Youth voters will experience the … Read more

The Benefits of Proportional Representation

As the Cambridge municipal elections approach, it’s important to consider not only the candidates who are being elected, but also how they are being elected. The city of Cambridge operates under a proportional representation system, ensuring that the makeup of the council reflects the political range of its constituency. It secures “minority representation with majority … Read more

The Importance of Local Elections

They may be not as exciting or high-profile as the U.S. Presidential primaries, but for those registered to vote in Cambridge, the municipal elections on November 5 are a great opportunity to become politically engaged and make our voices heard in our city. The election of Cambridge City Councilors has a tremendous impact on the … Read more

The American Dream is Still Alive

Despite concerns about race relations and the direction of our country, young Americans still believe that America can provide them with the opportunity to move up the socioeconomic ladder. As the results of the fall 2016 Harvard Public Opinion Project poll show, the vast majority of respondents believed they would not be financially worse off … Read more

Where Does the Buck Stop?

The first Syrians fleeing to Jordan after conflict erupted in 2011 were mostly people staying with relatives. Somewhat like many Europeans on the eve of WWI, they thought that their sojourn would be short and that they would return to their home country after stability returned. But as protests and violence raged on, it became … Read more

Out of Water, Out of Luck

If you can just manage to escape war-torn Syria and make it to a refugee camp, you’ll be safe, right? Wrong. Refugee camps are grim places to live, and while the suffering of refugees is well-documented, one of the biggest dangers has nothing to do with guns and violence, but with the lack of clean … Read more

Sexual Assault in the Refugee Camp

As Americans, half a world away, we are emotionally detached from the refugee crisis and its horrors, so much so that it can seem like a distant, unsolvable problem. Because the discussion about the Refugee Crisis in the United States has primarily focused on refugee immigration and its effects on national security, individual experiences in … Read more