Big Oil: Chevron In Ecuador

Today, neoimperialist powers often undermine the autonomy of Latin American politics and economics, especially on environmental issues. Although it is usually not perceived in such a way, environmental degradation is essentially a site of neocolonial conquest through the exploitation of natural resources and marginalization of disenfranchised communities. The longstanding legal battle between Chevron and some … Read more

Pocketbook Protests: Small Price Changes that Trigger Mass Protests

Sometimes it is the tiniest spark that lights the largest fires. Small pocketbook items have become the catalysts for large-scale protest movements around the globe in the past months. A four-cent raise in metro fares in Chile, fluctuations in the price of onions in India, and a twenty-cent tax on the use of the messaging … Read more

Dead Cat on the Canadian Campaign Trail

This is part of a two-part series on the 2015 Canadian elections. To view the other article by Conor Healy, click here. While the American presidential campaign is only just beginning, Canada’s longest federal campaign season since 1872 will draw to a close on Monday. This year’s controversially protracted federal campaign of a whopping 78 … Read more

Fed Up in Guatemala

As recently as a few months ago, Manuel Baldizon of the center-right Renewed Democratic Liberty party probably felt pretty good about his chances of becoming Guatemala’s 37th president. With a huge corruption scandal engulfing the leadership of the ruling party, the withdrawal from the race of his nearest rival, and a comfortable lead in the … Read more

Cuba’s Domestic Makeover

In 1960, self-appointed Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro nationalized all American-owned businesses without providing compensation, increased trade with the Soviet Union, and levied taxes on all American imports. In response, the United States promptly ended diplomatic relations with the island nation and imposed a trade embargo that still stands today. It is estimated that this … Read more

Comedy as the Remedy

Would you vote for John Oliver? Guatemala would. In the first round of Guatemala’s recent presidential election, comedian Jimmy Morales won 24 percent of the vote. Morales’ rise symbolizes widespread opposition toward Guatemala’s current government officials. With “Ni corrupto, ni ladrón” (“Neither corrupt nor a thief”) as his campaign slogan, Morales promised to end the … Read more