Is a Slavic Spring on the Horizon?

Is a Slavic Spring on the Horizon?

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the newly independent republics seemed to be fertile ground for democracy. Today, only three former Soviet republics have successfully democratized—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—while many have remained saddled with autocratic regimes reminiscent of Soviet-style dictators. Haphazard liberalization of the fledgling republics led to widespread corruption and the … Read more

The Primary Parallel

Let’s take this scenario: A highly successful politician from a well-known political family decides to run for president, starting to unofficially prepare for a run years and years in advance. Confident about their chances, they assume the title of presumptive nominee far before the primaries begin. But they can’t make the sell. Seen as polarizing, … Read more

Not So Affirmative

Donald Trump, a prospective Republican presidential candidate and television celebrity, has taken to personally attacking the President’s credentials as a recent and burgeoning pastime. Recently, however, he may have struck a bit close to home for students like us at Harvard and its peer schools: he has questioned President Obama’s membership in the Ivy League. … Read more

Should We Make Everyone Vote?

Dylan Matthews has a well-meaning but ultimately misguided column in today’s Crimson arguing for compulsory voting. Let’s start with what Dylan gets right. He is absolutely right about this: “One reason why higher economic classes’ interests are so overrepresented in government is that rich people vote at disproportionately high rates, and poor people vote at … Read more

The War of Republican Succession

Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, announced on Monday the formation of his exploratory committee for President. No dithering like Gingrich, no Transformers-style videos like Pawlenty. Just a straight-forward, to-the-camera video announcement that touts his economic experience, his hope for America, and the need to spread the message around. His website has been “re-Presidentialized,” … Read more

The Rise of the Non-Politician

It reads like a thriller novel: a convoluted, intricate conspiracy created to undermine the Presidency and paralyze the nation. Far-left socialist radicals hiding in the alleyways of Chicago, a city of corruption and deception. A campaign launched in a terrorist’s living room. A Kenyan fooling America into believing he is a citizen, and launching himself … Read more

What if the Next President Doesn’t Know History?

The gaffe has found its way on numerous websites: Michele Bachmann mistakenly confused New Hampshire’s Concord with Massachusetts’, botching history along the way. She is not alone in her personal revisionism: Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi seems to have forgotten much of the injustices towards African Americans in the history of his state. Mike Huckabee, … Read more