Built Ford Tough

Ford today reiterated that, despite its less than rosy business prospects, it does not want federal aid. Now that’s refreshing. Like a brand-new F-150, Ford plows on through the metaphorical snow and mud, much like I did (through the real stuff) on my way through Harvard Square this morning.

I know, right?

I sometimes say bad things about NYT columnist/general bloviator Thomas Friedman.  Like whenever I talk about him, which is thankfully only “sometimes”.  So I was just so excited to read this article.  It expresses everything that is wrong with Thomas Friedman.   Thomas Friedman is not a president, a pope, a general on the field … Read more

A Brave New World

This is the future of politics, and I don’t know if I like it. It’s a site called “Eightmaps”, and is a mashup of Google Maps and the Yes on Prop 8 donor list.  It shows, by residence or place of business, where donors live, their name, and how much they donated.  On the one … Read more

A Strange Article

Lamenting the downfall of traditional reading and how people raised on the internet (yes, thank you, that’d be us) are more or less illiterate. There’s a whiff of self-righteousness under a thick smog of condescending superiority, topped off with the occasional note of fear for an ill-defined apocalypse. Seriously, people, there are Luddites in every … Read more

Department of Unsurprising News

So apparently Israel approached the United States asking if we’d be willing to help them bomb Iran. Being somewhat reasonably alarmed by the concept of Iran having the Bomb, they were looking to destroy Iran’s capability to enrich uranium.  It seems incredible that Israel might do that and the Iranians would just grin and bear … Read more