Crippled Caliphate

Last week, Europe was rocked by another ghastly ISIS terrorist attack. While attacks in Belgium have lead to calls for changes in strategy in the campaign in Iraq and Syria, this would be a strategically risky proposition. Rather than projecting strength, Brussels attacks underline how precarious the group’s position is in the Middle East. The … Read more

An Important Reminder

Fear of terror is growing in Europe in response to the numerous terrorist attacks that have been carried out on European soil. The situation is dire, but while there are many forms of reaction that appear justifiable in moments of shock and horror, these can be dangerous when out in the light. Following each attack … Read more

The New Normal?

The Economist, The Huffington Post, CNN, The Boston Globe, and many other media outlets have reported on the “new normal” after the terrorist attacks in Brussels. The belief is that in some way, the attacks in Madrid (2004), London (2005), Paris (2015), and now Brussels (2016), are all connected in an extensive plot by Islamic … Read more

Music Culture at Harvard: Journey of the Non-Classical Musician

I walk into Cambridge Queen’s Head just as The Intrinsics take the stage. I’ve never seen Queen’s Head, located in the basement of Harvard’s Memorial Hall, so packed before. The crowd cheers enthusiastically as the soul-funk band, composed entirely of Harvard students, erupts into an energetic rendition of The Beatles’ “Day Tripper.” I am one … Read more

War Games

The world of crime has changed and the United States government has not prepared itself. Online drug marketplaces and cyber warfare have changed the face of criminality in the country and represent the largest impending threat to the nation both domestically and abroad. Addressing the threat requires acknowledging the country’s lack of preparation and finding … Read more

Political Suicide

  On February 26, Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich, the GOP frontrunner to replace outgoing governor Jay Nixon in 2016, shot and killed himself in what is being described by police as an “apparent suicide.” Schweich’s death stunned Missouri state officials, many of whom echoed Governor Nixon’s comments that Schweich was a “devoted and accomplished … Read more

Towards a Linguistic Singularity

“Speak English! You want to make money, have an education, right?” Too often today, children and adults alike are discouraged from speaking their native languages in favor of English, because speaking English will supposedly bring economic productivity. But has the world become so materialistic that prosperity is the only thing that matters? It seems that … Read more