On Pork, Beer, and Boyfriends

Nearly four years after the Syrian refugee crisis began, conversations with young refugee women illustrate both the achievements and cultural clashes attached to refugee integration. They also speak to the challenges still facing refugee communities after they have arrived in their new homes. At age 10, Nimaah* travelled on foot from Greece to Germany. It … Read more

Eagle versus Dragon

China’s rise is often discussed as inevitable, and for good reason. The country has become an economic powerhouse, with the world’s largest GDP measured in purchasing power. No country has a bigger standing army, and China, with its aggressive foreign policy, massive population, and rich culture, is rightfully regarded as second only to the United … Read more

Toward a Culture of Racial Literacy

“It seems to me,” I asked hesitantly, “that a student could go through all four years of college here without really talking about race or connecting with a person of color. Am I misunderstanding something?”   Jasmine Waddell, Harvard’s dean of first-year students, nodded. “You’re right,” she said slowly. “I have not seen the leadership … Read more

Mind the Presidency

On the morning of February 15, 2019, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to redirect billions in federal funds toward building a wall along the United States-Mexico border. Despite the various ethical and constitutional concerns that arose from the president’s haphazard announcement, it was his manner of delivery that seemed to dominate subsequent media … Read more

Kosher Kibble

“Pavlov’s our family, our child,” Anthony Osuna explained emphatically in an interview with the HPR. “We just want to make sure that we’re mindful with how we approach his health.” Osuna and his girlfriend Tram Nguyen were not willing to cut corners on this one. At his young age, Pavlov could have unknown allergies or … Read more

Toward Union In Africa

Toward Union In Africa

While the world has been focused on the tensions within its best-known continental free trade area, the European Union, countries across Africa have come together to create their own economic union, the African Continental Free Trade Area. Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs estimated in 2015 that only 12 percent of Africa’s trade … Read more

The Billy Graham Effect

Just over a year ago, on February 21, 2018, The New York Times published the obituary of the Rev. Billy Graham, calling the 99-year-old preacher “the nation’s best-known Christian evangelist for more than 60 years.” It is certainly true that Graham has remained a steadfast, household name throughout his long and storied ministry career, remembered … Read more