Death of the Country Club Republican

Richard Foley was not surprised by Donald Trump’s election. Every day, he said, voters “drive past these abandoned hulks of buildings . . . they see the effect of NAFTA and bad trade agreements.” But while protectionism has long defined voters in the Midwest, Foley was speaking about his home state of Connecticut in an … Read more

Pension Reform: The Fiscal Crisis No One Wants to Talk About

An abandoned neighborhood in Detroit, MI. America is facing a fiscal crisis and no one is talking about it. Pension reform has snuck under the public’s radar, even though it poses the single greatest threat to municipal and state governments. Pensions are a system by which government employees—teachers, firefighters, prison guards, etc.—receive regular payments after … Read more

Historical Remembrance in Law and Justice Poland

World War II ended on September 2, 1945, but in Poland, painful war memories are alive and well, deeply integrated into the national identity and state attitude towards the preservation of history. Through a variety of educational efforts, Poland’s conservative government has worked over the past year to highlight this history and the unique tribulations … Read more

Free Time for the Unfree

In prison, ingenuity becomes a way of life. A roll of toilet paper turns into a deck of playing cards. Headphones transform into television speakers. Bic pens replace tattoo guns, and cherry Dr. Pepper serves as the base for fried ramen noodles. In conversations with the HPR, incarcerated individuals described harsh restrictions on what they … Read more

Balance: Why (Some) Women Still Can’t Have it All

For many parents, striking a healthy balance between professional and personal lives poses a serious challenge, as mothers and fathers strive to be involved and available to their children while also achieving success and fulfillment through their work. Women in particular struggle to “have it all,” often finding it difficult to reconcile the expectations of … Read more