Just How Good Was the Obama Campaign?

Conventional analyses of the 2012 presidential race paint a consistent picture: President Barack Obama’s data-driven, technologically savvy campaign dominated the Mitt Romney campaign, out-organizing on the ground and out-messaging on the airwaves. Yet an emerging body of research is challenging this currently accepted narrative, asking whether the election had an inevitable conclusion despite the endless … Read more

Eugene Meyer: President of the Federalist Society

Eugene B. Meyer has served as various combinations of the President, CEO, and Executive Director of the Federalist Society for over 30 years. Harvard Political Review: The Federalist Society has existed since 1982, but today we face many constitutional questions unique to our time. How would you describe your mission in the context of today’s … Read more

Letters from Istanbul

Even before the Gezi Park uprisings this June, staff writer Cansu Colakoglu had been a vehement critic of Turkey’s turn away from secularism. In a brief, prescient article published in mid-May, she wrote of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the organization’s march toward political Islamism. When more than three million gathered in … Read more

The Race Is On: An Overview of Election 2024

An immense amount of ink has already been spilled about the state of the 2016 presidential race. However, not much journalistic effort of late has been focused on the much more interesting presidential field which is unfolding for the 2024 horse race. For likely the first time in eight years, no incumbent will be running. … Read more

Bringing in the Big Guns

[FARMINGTON, MAINE] Franklin County in the mountains of western Maine has no multilane highways, no real cities, nor any sizable towns. It has 30,000 residents, a population density of 18 people per square mile, and a claim to fame as the birthplace of the earmuff. Thanks to the Pentagon, by mid-2014 it will also have … Read more

JFK and the Cold War

This article is the sixth installment of an HPR series exploring President Kennedy’s legacy as we reflect on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. From his time at Harvard to his days in the White House, President John F. Kennedy had a passion for foreign policy. His senior thesis was an analysis of Britain’s failure … Read more

What Happened to the American Dream?

Of the collective ideas that define the United States, few are more prominent than the American Dream. Yet in the face of high economic inequality and disappointing intergenerational mobility, an important question is increasingly asked: is that dream still alive? The fact that inequality is rising is undisputed. But the causes and impacts of inequality, … Read more

India’s Cultural Tipping Point

The Spark that Ignited the Fire On December 16 last year, a group of men beat and gang raped a young woman after she boarded a bus with a male friend in New Delhi. The woman suffered fatal injuries and died within two weeks. The juvenile defendant was sentenced to three years imprisonment in a … Read more