The Role of Neighboring Countries in the Venezuelan Migrant Crisis 

Unrest in Venezuela. Venezuela’s dire economic and political situation has prompted an estimated five million citizens to flee the country. The worsening domestic crisis has prompted this migrant crisis, one that has largely been discounted, but that has significant implications.  Given the politics of international intervention into the region, the influx of migration into neighboring … Read more

Man’s Best Friend

Interspecies relationships are complex and fascinating, and the connection between man and ‘man’s best friend’ is no exception. Humankind’s extensive history of keeping animals began nearly 12,000 years ago when people domesticated animals to perform agricultural labor, produce materials for human consumption, and provide means for transportation. Some species, such as dogs, have changed drastically … Read more

E.U. Elections in Poland: Society Still Divided in Half

Belweder, formerly a presidential palace, is lit up with the colors of the Polish flag. The 2019 European Parliament elections changed the balance of power in many European countries.  In Poland, the Law and Justice Party’s victory was due to a combination of the ruling party’s skillful tactics and the opposition’s fecklessness rather than some … Read more

Earth Under Siege II: Fighting a Far-Right Agenda

Earth Under Siege II: Fighting a Far-Right Agenda

Even as it poses an unprecedented planetary threat, the rise of far-right leaders has inspired a new scale of climate activism. Representing a greater resistance to right-wing extremism, public and private institutions alike, alongside citizens of all ages, are mobilizing to derail the world from a climate collision course while there is time left to … Read more