Punch Drunk: The Ban on Tackling in Ivy League Football and its Repercussions

In late February, the eight Ivy League football coaches unanimously chose to eliminate all full contact hitting in practices. The move I considered the most aggressive measure yet to address brain injuries and trauma in football. After being formally affirmed by the Ivy League’s policy committee, athletic directors, and university presidents, this new rule will … Read more

On Argentine Business and Economy: Interview with Eduardo Elsztain

One of the most prominent Argentine businessman today, Eduardo Elsztain is president and largest shareholder of Argentina’s largest real estate company, Inversiones y Representaciones S.A, and he is chairman of Argentina’s leading mortgage bank, Banco Hipotecario. Elsztain’s business acumen allowed him to head an agricultural company called Cresud through the Argentine currency crash of 2001 … Read more

The Trouble with DDR: Ending the World’s Longest Civil War

Among myriad fiercely debated issues, three words are obstructing Myanmar’s peace process negotiations: demobilization, disarmament, and reintegration. Myanmar has been fighting a civil war for more than 68 years, and although many of the Ethnic Armed Organizations—a series of armed rebel factions—have signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement with the government, the powerful Kachin Independence Army … Read more

From Silicon to Gold: Venture Capital at Harvard

I walk into the Cambridge office of General Catalyst, located in a 4th floor office building adjacent to the Charles hotel. The space is warm and well-lit, with modern furnishings and polished hardwood floors. Chatter floats from nearby conference rooms as smartly-dressed partners wander in and out of the lobby. It’s business as usual on … Read more

Sometimes Stupid Things Are Constitutional: On The Legality of Social Sanctions

As soon as President Faust announced new restrictions on members of single sex-organizations, virtually every affected group on campus displayed conspicuous outrage. Fraternity members lashed out in conversation and online, sorority sisters unified on Facebook, and final club members—well, as usual, they said little. Members of some single-gender organizations even started to make a legal … Read more

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure System

Months ago, thousands of college students in the Greater Boston area—I among them— returned to school on the Sunday after Thanksgiving break. Living only an hour away from Boston, my family was confident that, despite crowded seasonal traffic conditions, our ride on the I-90 wouldn’t be that awful. After all, around Massachusetts the “Pike” is … Read more

A Broken Frame: Black Lives Matter

It started on Facebook. Alicia Garza drafted a post dubbed “A love note for Black People,” crafted largely out of sympathy for a dead child and disgust for the system that killed him. That post was the impetus for a movement hearkening back to the impassioned protesting of the Civil Rights Movement: Black Lives Matter. … Read more