STRONG and Beautiful

This photo essay is an addition to the article “Exercise in Body Image,” which discusses the Harvard rugby team’s promotion of positive self-body image. HOT WON’T STOP BIG SQUAT MASTER #feeling HUGE HEY QUADS Open Heart          graceful POWERFUL                           … Read more

An Exercise in Body Image

Imagine a world in which every college-aged woman comes home from class in the afternoon, looks in the mirror, and thinks to herself “My body looks so strong and beautiful.” The reader will likely recognize how far away this world is from where we are today. 86% of female students surveyed reported the existence of … Read more

Executive Disorder

On Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner announced his plans to sue President Barack Obama over the alleged use of executive actions to circumvent laws passed by Congress, in violation of the Constitution’s faithful execution clause. It has not been specified which specific executive actions are being challenged. The announcement of Boehner’s intent to sue has … Read more

The Price of a World Cup Victory

As the World Cup enters its second week, analysts have been poring over statistics trying to determine which teams will take the remaining slots in the Knockout Stage. But among the win-loss records, shot completions, and goalie saves, one important statistic is often left out: the GDP of the country represented. Data analysis by the … Read more

Wendy Davis and Purple Texas

  In recent years, Texas Democrats just haven’t had much to celebrate. The last time a Democrat won the governor’s office was back in 1990. They have claimed zero of the last 100 statewide races. Republicans currently boast supermajorities in the state legislatures, and a Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t carried the Lone Star State since … Read more

Sexual Assault Is Not a Privilege

In his widely-criticized column, George Will recently bemoaned how sexual assault victims are endowed with “a coveted status that confers privileges” due to academia’s progressivism and government interference. According to Will, the Obama administration “vows to excavate equities from the ambiguities of the hookup culture, this cocktail of hormones, alcohol and the faux sophistication of today’s … Read more

A War Not Forgotten

When thousands of Salvadorans crammed into the Stadium Cuscatlán in San Salvador the day they inaugurated Mauricio Funes as their new president in 2009, their biggest cheers were reserved for former guerrillas of the Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN). Funes had officially assumed the presidency in a staid ceremony earlier on the … Read more

Decent Interval?

Iraq isn’t South Vietnam, but some of the same dynamics are driving U.S. policy A relentless enemy, thought vanquished, returns with a devastating offensive. An American-trained security force splinters and collapses with embarrassing swiftness. The threatened government pleads for U.S. intervention to save the day. This was South Vietnam, April of 1975. After a whirlwind … Read more