Senior Theses Collection

The Harvard Political Review, in addition to functioning as a political magazine and website, is also an open platform for intellectual engagement and discourse. With that in mind, we embarked on the mission of curating high-quality content from across campus and branching out into the world of academia. Today, we are proud to present the inaugural online edition of the Senior Theses Collection.

The Senior Theses Collection is the culmination of the hard work of ten graduating seniors who spent innumerable hours in the archives and writing 100-page papers covering everything from supply chains to Tolkien’s novels. This online feature showcases abstracts from these theses and provides an overview of their work.

The HPR is committed to serving as this platform for well-researched thinking. The Senior Theses Collection represents yet another endeavor undertaken by this publication to elevate the debate. We believe that original research brings valuable insight to the discussion, and we hope to continue presenting the best possible content to our readers.