Weighing In: What the Court Got Right

In a recent editorial for the Harvard Crimson, Peter M. Bozzo writes a passionate dismissal of the recent Supreme Court decision in Snyder v. Phelps. He argues that the Court’s ruling errs in two respects: “First, it overlooks the difference between restrictions on freedom of speech and restrictions on the how, when, and where of … Read more

Obama Goes Rogue

Anyone who hasn’t watched President Obama’s speech on Libya should.  When you do, obviously pay attention to the important foreign policy questions involved, but also keep your ears tuned for a favorite Sarah Palin image snuck into Obama’s speech. And as I’ve said before, our strength abroad is anchored in our strength here at home.  That … Read more

Fixing Congress: Buddy Roemer’s $100 Plan

Campaign finance reform is back in the news. For the first time since the January 2010 ruling of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court is revisiting campaign finance in its evaluation of the constitutionality of the 1998 Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act, which “provides subsidies to candidates for state offices who agree to … Read more

Tribal Questions: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Goes to Facebook

At some point this weekend, I noticed a minor adjustment to Facebook’s front-page console: along with status updates, photos, links, and videos, the social network’s 500 million users have been given the option of asking popular “questions” to friends and general audiences. I’m not going to comment on the intricate, stochastic social dynamic behind Facebook … Read more

Weighing In: The Value of a Harvard Education

This past week, junior Alexander Heffner wrote an op-ed in U.S. News and World Report that describes how a Harvard education is “overrated.” He adds that these past three years in college have been one of the least intellectually stimulating experiences of his life. And, to top it all off, we as students at this … Read more

Machiavellian Not Neoconservative

Andrew Sullivan gives us his blistering take on the neoconservative legacy: [T]he neocons might be better defined as aggressive democracy-promoters who actually don’t like real democracy and constitutional checks at home. They believe – and have long believed – that Western systems cannot truly compete with dictatorships. One response to this has been the unleashing of the … Read more

Get Out!

Protesters are being violently suppressed in Bahrain and Yemen, the Congo has had the bloodiest armed conflict since World War II, and Israel and Palestine have been bleeding each other for decades. Meanwhile, the international community has come together to devise a special formula that decides when it is time to intervene. I am in … Read more