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Secretary of State John Kerry is an important man, so you’d think the respected international statesman’s social media team would have put a little bit more thought into what Secretary Kerry used as his personal Twitter signature (the signature lets readers know that it’s John Kerry personally sending a tweet, and not some anonymous member of the State Department’s web team).


But no, that apparently didn’t happen. All of John Kerry’s personal tweets are signed using his personal initials: “JK.”

Problem is, basically the entire English-speaking world recognizes “JK” as the abbreviation for “Just Kidding.” In February, a few writers noticed this viral Easter egg, but after six months of tweeting, we can see that it did, in fact, turn out to be as hilarious as we thought it would be.

Here are John Kerry’s best unintentionally hilarious tweets:

It apparently wasn’t that great.


We’ve had enough of your shenanigans, minister.   


They’re really not that bad.


Betting beer on a hockey game? Psh, you wish. I’ve got nukes to count.


Secretary Kerry would have rather been anywhere else than Addis Ababa…


Even his snarkiest aides thought the Secretary’s use of sarcasm here was a bit over the top. But Kerry insisted.


Haha, right. The world’s most vulnerable totally have it made.


Showing the Muslim world who’s boss.