Too Late To Ask: Zero Tolerance Policy

An HPR column about things you don’t really understand, and it’s just too late to ask. Trump administration family immigration policy edition The What: In April of this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his “zero tolerance” immigration plan. By this he meant that the United States would aim to prosecute every person who crosses … Read more

Supreme Court Politics: Problems and Remedies

Kennedy’s retirement, coupled with the recent succession of conservative-leaning Supreme Court rulings, signaled a national and constitutional crisis for Democrats. The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, with his sturdy Republican credentials and conservative legal record, has spurred ominous forecasts about the fate of salient social issues: abortion, gay rights, and affirmative action, to say the least. … Read more

Haiti Wasn’t Built in a Day

In 2010, the city of Port Au Prince, Haiti was racked by a category seven earthquake. The death toll reached 220,000, while 2.3 million individuals were displaced from their homes. With 17 percent of Haitian government officials killed in the earthquake, aid agencies were left to manage municipal responsibilities. Humanitarian aid money poured in, totaling … Read more

Merger Mania in Healthcare: An Unhealthy Craze

CVS shook the healthcare industry in December last year when it announced its purchase of Aetna. The drug store chain’s purchase of the insurance company highlighted the growing trend of mergers in the healthcare industry. Competition between companies for healthcare data, the shift to value-based care, and changing compensation models have played a large role … Read more