Blocked: The Technicalities of Blockchain

Blockchain has been the technology of the past year. Bitcoin, the most well-known blockchain-based cryptocurrency, saw its trading price skyrocket to more than $19,000 in late 2017. Since then, investors have poured money into cryptocurrencies and anything remotely related to blockchain technology — an optimistic choice, especially since the price of Bitcoin had dropped to … Read more

HPR Talk: Episode 5, Summer 2018

In this edition of HPR Talk, we explore our covers topic “The Experience Economy”. In the first segment, Senior Multimedia Editor James Blanchfield sits down with Connor Schoen to discuss his article “Fighting for the Small Guy: The Challenges Facing Mexico’s Tienditas”. Next, (beginning at 21:20) May Wang discusses the Flint water crisis in her … Read more

Art and Power

White art museum visitors look at a wall of art depicting white historical subjects at a museum in Sacramento, California.  Two Spanish girls from Harlem look at me with curious gazes, tilting their heads as if to study me as I study them. Dressed in knee-length pinafores, one older than the other but not by … Read more

Interview: The Kennedy School Women in Power Conference

Ali Collins, Bar Peled, and Marie Perrot are the co-chairs of the first annual Harvard Kennedy School Women in Power Conference, which took place on April 28th, 2018. The conference included panels on salary negotiation and keynote addresses from Senator Maggie Hassan and actress Amber Tamblyn. All three are second-year Master in Public Policy students … Read more

New Designs on the Block

American politicians enjoy declaring unwinnable wars on nouns. The ’60s bore witness to the war on poverty, the ’70s saw Reagan wage the war on drugs, and the ’00s have seen the rise of a war on terror. Is a war on cars up next? Ever since Seattle rolled out an ambitious growth plan limiting … Read more

Here’s to you, Mrs. Dalloway!

This Wednesday, June 20th, will be my first time celebrating Dalloway Day. What does that mean? How do you celebrate? What is this nerdy holiday and why should you care? It took me three tries to understand even a little of Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf’s famous 1925 modernist novel set on a single day in … Read more

Five-Star Poverty

For most, the idea of vacation evokes images of beaches, famous landmarks, or museums in exotic locations. For the approximately one million people each year who opt to partake in ‘slum tourism’ — a practice which involves travelling to an area of extreme poverty — the idea of vacation takes on an entirely new meaning. … Read more

Clandestine Lovers

The Galle Face promenade in Colombo, Sri Lanka is frequented by couples who cover their heads with umbrellas and shawls. Shuffling feet and sideways glances create an air of nervous watchfulness. The occupants of Galle Face aren’t just hiding the kissing, hand holding, and fondling; they are also hiding their faces. The Promenade has become … Read more

The Next Great Game: The Clash over Central Asia

Xi Jinping seemed uncharacteristically sanguine after his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sino-Russian relations are at their “best time in history,” the Chinese leader boldly proclaimed after a two-day state visit to Russia last year. Indeed, though China and Russia make a strong team when it comes to counterbalancing the United States, their … Read more