The Chinese Smart Power Strategy

“Completely illegal and unjustifiable,” Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao decried Japanese actions in late 2012, after Japanese officials arrested Chinese trawler captain while fishing near one of the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea. A year later, China responded by extending an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the islands – which the Chinese and … Read more

How to Stop Revolving Prison Doors With Books

  Education reduces crime. This connection seems like common sense, and indeed it has been researched, analyzed, and affirmed countless times. According to a 2007 collaborative study by Columbia University, Princeton University, and City University of New York, higher education reduces the crime rates of both juveniles and adults by impacting social behavior and economic … Read more

Self-Censorship: The Hidden Gag Order

Self-Censorship: The Hidden Gag Order

Instead of sinking into fearful paralysis after the machine gun murder of seven of its employees, Paris-based Charlie Hebdo printed another issue just a week after the attack. Its pages defiantly contain more of the material that supposedly motivated the killings: provocative drawings of the prophet Mohammed. Contrast the magazine’s decision with the behavior of … Read more

The European Productivity Slowdown: How Lack of Political Will has Allowed European Productivity to Lag

Dangerously low inflation is only one of the Eurozone’s many ailments. Mario Draghi can try to “do whatever it takes” to bring economic revival, but more aggressive monetary policy will not change the underlying weaknesses of the Euro Area. The shortcomings of the European Union developed long before the string of recent crises. Once a … Read more

Modi’s Juggling Act

On December 11, 2014, India’s newly inaugurated Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Russian President Vladamir Putin for the 15th annual summit between the countries. In a joint statement that followed, these two nations expressed their excitement for “a broad-basing of bilateral cooperation to carry the friendship between the countries to a qualitatively new level,”  greatly strengthening ties … Read more

A Grand Undertaking

“The drive to the church is extremely emotional because you’re finally seeing it all come together,” Ms. Mariela Wade explains to the HPR, as she and Más Hope, the non-profit organization she founded, delivers used shoes from the United States to the impoverished citizens of Nicaragua. Her trip is long and arduous like that of so … Read more

Obama’s Syrian Stalemate

After a year of, in his own words, a “shellacking” on the foreign policy front, President Barack Obama appears to have regained his footing in international affairs. He has been able to sign a new groundbreaking climate change agreement with China and move to end America’s estrangement from Cuba. Negotiations with Iran to halt its nuclear … Read more

Winning the Battle, Losing the War

This fall, after significant push and pull amongst the White House, CIA, and Congress, the Senate Select Intelligence Committee published the executive summary of its report on uses of “enhanced interrogation techniques”—considered by many to be torture—by American intelligence in the aftermath of 9/11. The revelations in the report caused shock and indignation around the … Read more

Tweeting Protest in Thailand

 “Thank you Mark Zuckerberg,” said Saowaluk, a Thai protestor and part of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) movement that took to the streets in Thailand in August 2013 and early 2014. “Facebook made this protest successful.” Her words echo those of many protestors across the world since the Arab Spring in 2011 to the … Read more