Weighing in: China in the Lead

Earlier this week, Will Rafey argued convincingly that “China, moving rapidly into the void left by U.S. inaction, is poised to leap beyond the U.S. and seize control of the emerging clean energy economy.” What he didn’t argue convincingly is that this matters. It doesn’t.  For our fall Business of America issue, Will himself wrote … Read more

What’s not to love?

Theda Skocpol is not one to mince words. Here she is, in classic form, on fiscal austerity measures: The President, Congressional leaders, and Democrats of all stripes should be yelling day in, day out, that REPUBLICANS ARE SABOTAGING NATIONAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY AND PREVENTING JOB GROWTH, JUST FOR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE. That should be the message all … Read more

Petraeus’ Headache

Chris Cilizza, who has writes the political blog The Daily Fix for The Washington Post, this week named General Petraeus as the man who had “The Worst Week in Washington”. Truthfully speaking, President Obama’s decision to name General Petraeus as the head of military operations in Afghanistan leaves the General in an impossible situation. After … Read more

China In The Lead

(Crossposted from the Apollo Alliance Blog) It’s easy to forget that global warming has sparked a global response when the stalemate in Congress over national climate legislation continues, even despite the fact that the latest consequence of our fossil fuel addiction – the “worst” environmental catastrophe in America’s history – flickers across televisions nightly. Yet the global … Read more

Zombie IR

We were going to run a piece in the fall HPR on potential zombie threats, but Foreign Policy beat us to it! Shucks. A highlight: States could also exploit the threat from the living dead to acquire new territory, squelch irredentist movements, settle old scores, or subdue enduring rivals. The People’s Republic of China could use … Read more

A better case for affirmative action

Liberals often try to defend affirmative action as fair compensation for historical injustice. To put their argument crudely and briefly, they say that whites got ahead unfairly for centuries, and now it’s time to help blacks get ahead. Regardless of its philosophical merits or demerits, this argument is incredibly controversial. On its face, it allows … Read more

Goodbye J.D. Hayworth?

Nowhere has the clash between the Tea Party movement and the “GOP establishment” been more apparent than Arizona, where former Rep. J.D. Hayworth has been a constant thorn in McCain’s side (his suddenly shrunken left side, to be precise). For a while, it looked like McCain might get tripped up enough in his clumsy race to the right … Read more