Breitbart/Sherrod: Sound and Fury

The Breitbart/Sherrod saga feels like so much political drama. It is a kind of spectacle custom-made for Politico reporters and political junkies — mildly entertaining, for a little while, but signifying virtually nothing in the end. Witness, for instance, some of the ridiculous accusations that have been thrown around in the past two weeks. In the last fortnight: … Read more

Joel Pollak Bravely Confronts Tyranny

Recent Harvard Law graduate Joel Pollak, running for Congress against Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), has invoked Steve Biko, the martyred South African anti-apartheid activist, in defense of Andrew Breitbart, the amoral media commentator who recently went after an innocent civil servant in order to advance his race-baiting political agenda. According to Pollak, Breitbart embodies Biko’s “simple … Read more

Ross Douthat on "White Grievance"

Ross Douthat has a wonderful way of casually saying things that you don’t hear many conservatives say. For instance, his statement on Monday that “the note of white grievance” that Pat Buchanan struck in a 2000 speech at Harvard is now “part of the conservative melody.” Wow, a prominent conservative who acknowledges that politics in … Read more

Elizabeth Warren and Moral Hazard

HuffPo is reporting that Tim Geithner has expressed opposition to Elizabeth Warren’s nomination to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — a department that she helped create. The article isn’t sourced well — it comes from an unnamed “source with knowledge of Geithner’s views” — and in response to the report Michael Barr, Assistant Treasury … Read more

Dems: Go Big Or Go Home

Recent headlines are not encouraging for Democrats facing midterm elections this November.  Based on polling, the National Journal wrote 7/3 that Democrats can expect to lose four to six seats in the Senate, and it is not inconceivable that they might lose the majority.  The House numbers also threaten the majority. Voter anger is strong.  … Read more

Why Isn’t the Obama Administration Suing ‘Sanctuary Cities’?

A similar post originally appeared on the blog of THE WEEKLY STANDARD. The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Arizona’s controversial immigration law, S.B. 1070, which enforces federal immigration law at the state level. Whereas the outcry in the national media has focused on the legislation’s racial implications, the Obama administration contests the law … Read more