Porn in the USA

A Harvard Business School study has found that Americans tend to consume online pornography at roughly constant levels among the various states. But, surprise surprise, red states tend to be the biggest consumers: “Eight of the top 10 pornography consuming states gave their electoral votes to John McCain in last year’s presidential election…. While six … Read more

This Is Not Journalism: Politico Edition

When a Politico article gets an approving link, with no additional comment, from Kathryn Jean Lopez at the National Review, you know something’s wrong. The only substantive difference between Lopez’s take on the president’s budget and that of Politico reporter and ostensibly objective observer Jeanne Cummings is that the former calls it “class war” while … Read more

New Budget Time!

Well, I don’t know quite where to start.  Maybe it’d be hyperbole to say that it’s the most ambitious move for liberalism* in 40 years.  But maybe not. I’m certainly happy with his instincts.  One particularly wonky detail was a decisive cut to farm subsidies, which he is moving to cut decisively.  This will, of … Read more

Michael Steele Is An Idiot

He just wanted to show some “slum love” to Bobby Jindal.  Because he is the “slumdog millionaire governer”.  Because, you know, he’s Indian.  And that movie “Slumdog Millionaire” is about Indian people. Yup, the GOP is really revitalizing its image in urban-suburban hip-hop settings. Good to know the Republican Party is all of a sudden … Read more

The Peculiar Summum Case

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the Summum, a small, quirky Utah sect, have no constitutional right to demand that the city of Pleasant Grove display their “Seven Aphorisms” in a public park where the city has long maintained a Ten Commandments monument. The question before the Court was not whether the Establishment Clause forbade … Read more

A Nation of Santellis? Please.

Have you seen the Santelli clip?  Watch it.  Now.  I’ll wait. Yes, that is a CNBC reporter channeling the rage of the common volk.  Raging about the “losers” getting bailed out by gubmint money.  Interestingly, he neglects to mention the orders of magnitude more money getting thrown at the losers who happen to already have … Read more

Nationalization on the Rise

The topic of bank nationalization, albeit temporary or labeled as “preprivatization,” is starting to pick up some steam. In a piece from Sunday Paul Krugman offered a pretty  concise explanation for why some form of nationalization is necessary for “zombie banks” like Citi and Bank of America to survive. It’s a worthwhile read, particulalry for … Read more

History Lesson

Ever heard of the Pecora Commission?  It was a Congressional investigation into the banking practices of the twenties, set up in 1932 at the lowest point of the Great Depression.  Ferdinand Pecora was the head of the commission, and can best be described as a bona-fide bad*ss.  He believed that the entire financial system of … Read more