Battleground Texas: The GOP Fights for its Life

In the first of a series of articles analyzing the Texas political landscape, HPR staff writer David Freed discusses the significance of Battleground Texas Not long after Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012, his national field director Jeremy Bird was out of a job. Bird, whose big data approach revolutionized political campaigning, needed a new target. … Read more

Exit James Blake

Wednesday night, James Riley Blake, who started his career on the Harvard tennis team, exited his final U.S. Open in a fifth set tiebreak. He ended his career in very Blake fashion: fighting until the end. Blake lost to the tall and lanky Croatian Ivo Karlovic. After going up two sets, Karlovic fought back, winning the … Read more

In the Mommy Wars, a New Front

Has anybody else had it up to here with people who tell parents how to raise their children? If you haven’t yet, you might reach the tipping point with this article from Slate’s Allison Benedikt. The title, “If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person,” might strike you as a … Read more

Another Statement, Another Massacre

This piece was written on August 21 by a Harvard student who wished to write anonymously. On August 21, the United Nations issued yet another statement expressing its shock and concern towards the latest death report coming out of Syria. One of several statements issued over the past two and a half years, this report … Read more

Ashin Ghozhaka’s Village: Microloans and the UN

Twenty-year-old Ashin Ghozhaka was walking to his mother’s village near Kyaukpadaung, central Myanmar, when a Land Rover drove past him. He waved it down and got a ride. “It was air conditioned, and the people inside didn’t speak Burmese,” he remembers. “I was confused. Much later, I realized they were from the United Nations.” That … Read more

Harvard Fares Well on New Obama Ranking Criteria

President Obama has unveiled a new ranking system that will grade colleges based on accountability and affordability. The plan is that these rankings will determine the amount of federal aid given to colleges by 2018. Currently, federal aid is based solely on the number of students a college enrolls. So how does Harvard score? Well, according to … Read more

Rain on Russia’s Parade

The past few years have not been Russia’s best, at least from an international perspective. Since the reelection of Vladimir Putin for a third term as president in 2012 — but even during his role as prime-minister — the country has been known for major human rights violations that often escalated into full-blown violence. Such … Read more

Egypt in Ruins: The Case for Libertarian Foreign Policy

Not surprisingly, Egypt has deteriorated into chaos and violence once again. Last week, hundreds were killed and thousands injured as the post-coup Egyptian government mauled thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo. Usually when something like this happens anywhere in the world, the United States is either looked to for leadership, blamed for the bloodshed, … Read more