When Law Isn’t Enough: The Health Ultimatum

We all know “the law” is important—we perhaps even revere it. When Congress and the president create a law, we have to stick by it, for otherwise, why bother even having laws at all? If we respect the wishes of past elected representatives when they reach an agreement by majority vote, then laws we make … Read more

Don’t Hold Us Hostage

If things don’t go your way, then ruin it for everybody else. That’s this week’s motto of the Republican Party. The Supreme Court ruled last June that ObamaCare was constitutional, and last November, voters had a chance to replace the man who signed the bill with one who promised very clearly to undo it. We … Read more

Elderly Environmentalism

“We need to get our act together,” began renowned environmental activist Bill McKibben in his latest Harvard address. The “we” in this case was not college students. McKibben’s talk, hosted by the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, was directed at a different demographic: the elderly. These days climate change activists focus much of their … Read more

Boston’s Next Mayor: A Primer

When Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced his retirement in March, he set off Boston’s first truly competitive mayoral election in two decades. On Sept. 24, voters went to the polls to choose two candidates from among the twelve running in the first-round of the city’s non-partisan election. With such a crowded field, a University … Read more

Divestment Building: Seen and Heard at Alumni Divestment Rally

On Monday, September 16th, a correspondent of the HPR attended a protest held outside of Massachusetts Hall that was organized by Divest Harvard. The rally demonstrated the coalition that has formed among alumni, students, and faculty in favor of divestment. The HPR spoke with student leaders of the campaign, alumni, and curious bystanders. Momentum has … Read more

Charlie Cook: Political Analyst and Founder of the "Cook Report" (Part 2)

You can access the first part of this interview here. Staff Writer Zak Lutz sits down with Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report to talk about electoral reform and journalism. You can access additional content by subscribing to our YouTube channel and visiting our iTunes page. Interview by Zak Lutz Editing and Production by Jenny Choi Music … Read more

The Progressive Case Against Bill de Blasio

  I’m a progressive Democrat. I care about widening inequality, would like my government to more actively redistribute money from the very wealthy to the very poor, and find the racial implications of policies such as Stop and Frisk deeply troubling. Most media narratives suggest that these positions would lead me to support Bill de Blasio. … Read more