A Case Study: How the Kentucky Attorney General Affects National Democracy

More than halfway through his four-year term, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has now been sued by Attorney General Andy Beshear four times. Beshear is challenging Gov. Bevin’s increasingly routine attempts to capture power from the Kentucky state legislature, and thus far, the courts have ruled with Beshear—leaving Bevin down for the count. Bevin has attacked … Read more

Labour and anti-Semitism: Britain’s new “Nasty Party”

Every September, the annual Labour Party Conference is held in the United Kingdom. One of the largest and highest-profile political events in Europe, it was most recently hosted in the Labour-controlled city of Brighton with over 13,000 attendees and 450 fringe events. For the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, the conference often serves as on opportunity to … Read more

A Home for Heroin

On his first day in El Campamento, photographer Dominick Reuter did not take a single picture. He had entered what many consider the epicenter of the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia: a half-a-mile stretch along Gurney Street that splits Philadelphia’s poorest neighbourhood, Fairhill, from West Kensington. Kensington, often used to reference the general vicinity, has a … Read more

Pot and Politics: Investigating Barriers to Medical Marijuana Legalization

Alex Beck was in his early twenties when he was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma. After he experienced debilitating side effects from the chemotherapy drug Rituximab and made no progress in treating his cancer, Beck turned to holistic medicine through a Facebook group called The Medicine Tribe. The organization raised three thousand dollars to send … Read more

Accessing America

The story of the refugee in America has always been one of controversy, of the idyllic “American dream” but also of xenophobia and nativism. People escaping extreme, life-threatening adversity and persecution have been met in America by both welcoming arms and threatening glances.  Most recently, President Donald Trump has referred to “Haiti and African nations” … Read more

Politics in Los Pinos: Mexico’s 2018 Presidential Election

Mexico is preparing to elect its 58th president on July 1, 2018. But Mexico has not always been democratic. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) political machine controlled Mexico from 1929 until 2000 under the informal norm of dedazo, when the sitting president would reveal his hand-picked successor without a primary election. This lasted until the … Read more

Psychedelics in the Age After Aquarius

In 10th grade, I heard that if you tried LSD you couldn’t become an astronaut. A friend explained that the chemical stayed forever in your spinal cord and that the zero-gravity of outer space would loosen your nerves, letting the LSD seep into your bloodstream and making you trip. I heard that taking four or … Read more

Prosecution and Justice: Interview with Sally Yates

As Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates refused to enforce President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from six Muslim-majority nations. The administration dismissed her in January 2017. Harvard Political Review: You started your career in commercial litigation. What brought you to the Department of Justice (DOJ)? Sally Yates: I had been in private practice for … Read more

The Four Democratic Parties

There is a tendency to think Democrats are simply divided between centrists and progressives, but such thinking misses the mark. On election night 2016, one commentator explained Trump’s win, remarking, “He’s spiked the white vote… in a way that [makes] a lot of people uncomfortable but does awaken something basically that’s racial anxiety among whites… … Read more