The Fall of Liberalism?

Le Pen. Duterte. Brexit. Trump. It might be appropriate to dub 2016, the “year of populism,” as hundreds of millions of voters around the world have forcefully rejected the political institutions and policies that have been the backbone of 20th century liberalism and democracy. While the motivations and psychology of this global electorate will takes … Read more

Death of a Dream: The Lost Hope of South Sudanese Development

  The world’s youngest nation was born on July 9, 2011. On this day, the Republic of South Sudan formally gained its independence from Sudan. Independence Day was greeted with effusive joy and optimism in the new country and across the world. South Sudanese residents (now citizens) streamed into the streets, shedding tears of happiness. … Read more

The Evaporation of the Status Quo in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s veteran dictator and first President, Islam Karimov, left his country as he ruled it: plagued by inconsistencies in news reports, government cover-ups, and incorrigible deceit. While Karimov reportedly died on September 2nd at the age of 78 due to a brain hemorrhage, he likely passed away well before his government’s official announcement. The full … Read more

I’m in it for You

On September 26, Monday Night Football viewership was at its lowest in the last quarter-century as the eyes of the nation were tuned into another entertaining contest on most national news networks. In the last few months, phrases such as “braggadocious” and “big league” have experienced multifold increases in the number of online dictionary searches. And over … Read more

Understanding Cuba’s Future

As The Eagles’ so aptly put in their song Hotel California, “some dance to remember, some dance to forget.” Fidel Castro’s long-awaited death has caused tears of sorrow in Havana, and tears of joy in Miami. Regardless of one’s opinion of the eccentric “El Lider Maximo” of Cuba, his death signifies a symbolic transitory period, … Read more

The Power of Brands

It was reported in late November that Time Inc., the publisher of popular magazines and websites, including Time, PEOPLE, and xoJane, rejected a $1.8 billion buyout bid led by a consortium of media investors. Many in the industry have wondered why anyone would be interested in print journalism, a dying American industry. The answer? Brands, … Read more

Dismantling Donald Trump’s “Underdog” Status

Beginning around 8 p.m. the evening of election night, President-Elect Donald Trump captured the lead in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida. Some of these states were considered contentious battleground states. Others were states that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had long been projected to win, and by a considerable margin. Spectators looked … Read more

As Bad as it Looks: Bannon’s Selection and White Nationalism in the White House

It was no coincidence President-Elect Donald Trump announced the appointment of Steve Bannon and Ryan Priebus as top advisers in the same press release. The selection of Priebus, unquestionably establishment, tempered the much more controversial appointment of Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News, the self-declared “platform for the alt-right.” Most of mainstream media was outraged. … Read more