Learning on an Empty Stomach

For high school students born into low-income families, college acceptance letters have become proverbial golden tickets to a better life, social mobility, and career opportunities. The idea is a perfect analogue of the much-lauded American dream that anyone can be successful regardless of the circumstances of one’s birth — if low-income students just get a … Read more

A Duty to Serve

What is democratic citizenship? In a democracy, citizenship bestows a unique package of private rights and public responsibilities upon individuals. These rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a right to privacy, are familiar to many citizens. However, the United States needs to refocus on the civic responsibilities of being an American citizen. … Read more

Freedom at Too High a Price: Groundwater Depletion in Rural Arizona

Wells are going dry in rural Arizona, leaving residents struggling. A recent investigation by The Arizona Republic and a documentary by NBC News tell the stories of residents of groundwater-dependent regions within La Paz and Cochise counties whose households have been affected by falling water tables. When wells do not reach the diminished aquifer, families … Read more

A Tale of Two TTPs

Since President Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene, the United States has, in many respects, been in retreat from the world stage. A significant aspect of this withdrawal has been focused on free trade. An outspoken critic of these measures from the start, Trump has focused his heavy criticism on the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, … Read more

Getting to the Promised Land: Sanders’ Commitment to King’s Vision

Nicholas Brown is a founding member of Harvard Students for Bernie: A College Democrats Subgroup.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day is over. But as we count down the days until the first presidential caucuses and primaries, it is time to take King’s vision seriously. On MLK Day, Americans gathered across the country for meals, service, … Read more

Politics by the Numbers: Interview with Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is the current CEO of WPA Intelligence, a conservative research and data analytics company which provides information to an array of clients, mostly political campaigns. Wilson served as the Director of Research Analytics and Digital Strategy for the Cruz for President and is a regular political analyst on both Fox News and MSNBC.  … Read more

A Reminder: Politics is Public Service

In his inaugural address nearly 60 years ago, President John F. Kennedy implored the nation: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” An army of young people, inspired by Kennedy’s youthful leadership and celebration of service, entered public service in droves. Today, we live … Read more