The Way Forward in Yemen

In the coastal city of Hodeidah, the most catastrophic elements of Yemen’s civil war present themselves: death, deterioration, and disaster. The city’s port once bustled with shipments containing 80 to 90 percent of Yemen’s imported food supply, but the densely populated urban center is now a microcosm for a country embroiled in crisis. In October … Read more

Growth at Harvard

I still remember my very first HPR meeting. I had just settled into my new dorm in Hollis and finally picked out which classes I wanted to shop. All that was left was to choose a few campus organizations to join, and the HPR seemed to be the perfect outlet to explore my dual interest … Read more

Let’s Welcome Charles Murray to Harvard

Political scientist Charles Murray’s visit to Middlebury last March triggered protests and violence. This fall, Murray is slated to speak at Harvard on September 6th as part of the Harvard College Open Campus Initiative’s speaker series. It is understandable why many are outraged by Murray’s ideas. In his controversial 1994 book The Bell Curve, Murray … Read more

Journalism and Activism: Interview with José Antonio Vargas

José Antonio Vargas is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and activist. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle. In 2011, he published an article in the New York Times revealing his undocumented status. He has since founded Define American, a non-profit organization aimed at creating a dialog on issues … Read more

Sanctions are Not Enough

When a Harvard committee released its new report on unrecognized single-gender social organizations, it quietly changed the terms of the final club debate. Unlike the original sanctions, which would allow the exclusive clubs to remain if they made a lukewarm commitment to gender inclusivity, the proposed sanctions acknowledge the fundamental inequalities these clubs represent. However, … Read more

Banning Final Clubs Won’t Protect Women

I’m not here to lambast the final clubs for the inequality and gender, race and class-based discrimination they perpetuate. While those negatives undoubtedly exist, the recently proposed ban on “Unrecognized Single Gender Social Organizations” does little to fix these harms. To truly help female students, Harvard should focus on making concerted, proactive policy decisions that … Read more

Final Clubs and the Free Market

The dangers of economic monopolies are clear. As Ec10 students know, firms that monopolize the market maximize their own profits and reduce social surplus, charging higher prices and producing a lower quantity of goods than a market with genuinely free enterprise. Likewise, firms with disproportionate market power have the ability to stifle innovation by pushing … Read more

Broad Sanctions are a Disaster for Sororities

Harvard’s new policy improves upon the existing policy adopted in May 2016, which misidentified the most problematic aspect of USGSOs, and also gave those groups an easy way out: gender-exclusive membership. The fact that only men could join male final clubs was never the culprit of their often exclusionary, elitist, and unhealthy practices. Admitting women … Read more

For the Many? A Labour Party Divided

The British Labour Party is currently facing internal fracturing and an identity crisis which impede its ability to effectively oppose Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government. The Labour frontbench, headed by Jeremy Corbyn, represents a fringe wing of the party, and largely does not resonate with the majority of Labour Party Members of Parliament, or … Read more