On Privilege: A Leftist Critique of the Left

The debate around privilege has spilled over the boundaries of the academic left and is slowly starting to emerge in wider discussions about inequality. Yet, despite its increasing popularity, the lexicon of privilege seems to find itself awkwardly aligned with the very structure of power that it attempts to expose. While initially intended to interrogate … Read more

Young Americans Value School, But Not STEM

The Harvard Public Opinion Project’s most recent results reveal an overwhelming consensus among young Americans that education is an important factor in achieving the American dream. Perhaps this result is unsurprising for a pool of young respondents of whom 88 percent had completed either high school or some college. For a group ages 18 to … Read more

“War: What is it Good For?” For Young Americans, Absolutely Nothing

Young Americans want the United States to employ a less interventionist strategy on the international stage, according to the spring 2014 results from the Harvard Public Opinion Project. On all questions relating to debates about current foreign policy topics, respondents overwhelmingly expressed disillusionment with the Obama administration’s actions: 62 percent said that they disapproved of … Read more

Young Americans Trust the Supreme Court more than the President, Congress

According to the latest Harvard Public Opinion Project survey, young Americans trust the Supreme Court more than any other individual branch of government. Compared with 27 and 13 points for the president and Congress, respectively, the Supreme Court boasts the trust of 31 percent of 18-24 year olds “most of the time.” This begs the obvious … Read more

Race and Drugs: Minorities Not on the Legalization Bandwagon

Support of marijuana legalization by millennials is fractured by race, according to the Harvard Public Opinion Project’s spring poll. Americans may see nationwide legalization as inevitable, but the poll reveals important differences in the way different racial groups experience drugs and drug policy. The latest national survey of American millennial youths confirms that Generation Y … Read more

Millennials Skeptical of Government’s Ability to Combat Inequality

Ever since Occupy Wall Street burst onto the national political scene, wealth inequality in America has been a frequent topic of debate. Many credit millennials with spearheading the #occupy movement, a feverish, albeit disorganized, response to the growing wealth inequality between America’s top earners and those who earned less. Thus, it is unsurprising that a … Read more