Epstein’s Donations Are Harvard’s Money

Slaveholders. Abusers. Criminals. In the past 383 years, Harvard has accepted donations from countless despicable offenders. Last year, Harvard received $1.4 billion in donations. Some of that money was “dirty” money, sullied by the various infractions of its donors. Jeffrey Epstein abused and assaulted tens of girls, and he faced too few repercussions too late. … Read more

The Loneliness Disease

Dubbed as the “loneliness disease” when translated from its Chinese term 孤独症 (gu du zheng), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by communication deficits, repetitive behaviors, and restricted interests, and affects about one in 59 children in the United States. Since ASD is a life-long condition, parents of children with ASD often … Read more

Housing for All, Sanders for President

Housing for All, Sanders for President

Piper Winkler is a founding member of Harvard Students for Bernie: A College Democrats Subgroup.  Bernie Sanders is now in his second run for the Democratic primary nomination for president. Two Sundays ago, organizers from City Life/Vida Urbana, a Boston community-based organization for economic, racial, and social justice, staged a die-in in the heart of … Read more

When Five Days Becomes Four

Just over a year ago, Colorado school district Brighton 27J permanently switched to a four-day school week. This district, which serves nearly 18,000 students northeast of Denver, is now one of 560 districts nationwide that have adopted this model. The trend, unheard of in many East Coast schools, is spreading rapidly through the South and … Read more

Up in Flames: Media Rhetoric of the Amazon Fires

Up in Flames: Media Rhetoric of the Amazon Fires

Team of firefighters responds to forest fire. Since early August, international concern has been raised over recent fires in the Amazon rainforest, especially in Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro’s pro-business administration. Despite the severity of the situation, however, experts say it is not wholly unique, and is theoretically manageable.  However, during the fires’ coverage and international … Read more

Wolf Hunting: Unique Challenges and Solutions to Lone-Wolf Terrorism

Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas. Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh. Walmart, El Paso. These shootings are a grave reminder of the epidemic of self-radicalization sweeping the United States. Today, lone-wolf attacks in the US are more deadly than ever before and are often tied to white supremacist ideologies, which disproportionately impact minority communities. Combatting this … Read more

Debate Dilemmas

As the first presidential primaries grow closer and the field of Democratic candidates slowly dwindles, some voters are beginning to narrow down their preferences. While there is a plethora of information available to learn more about candidates and their policies, one of the most accessible ways to directly compare candidates’ visions is through the debates. … Read more

Fires in the Amazon: Who Owns Them?

  As the Amazon rainforest began to burn in early August, the news spread quicker than the flames; everyone would come to know of the unfolding tragedy. The forest burned along with Brazil’s reputation, Earth’s oxygen, and climate change efforts. A home to countless species and the indigenous population, from the onset, it was clear … Read more