The Supreme Court as Movie Reviewer?

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the interesting, vexing, and somewhat hilarious case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The question before the Court is whether the low-budget hit-piece “Hillary: The Movie” is subject to the financing restrictions of McCain-Feingold, which regulates so-called “electioneering communications.” In other words, is a 90-minute … Read more

Argument by Star Wars

As a child, I absolutely loved science fiction.  Which is why I think it’s so kind of neat that we can now have robots fighting our battles for us; I can absolutely get behind the project of putting fewer Americans in harm’s way.  But the use of Predator drones in Afghanistan deeply disturbs me, from … Read more

Agreeing to Disagree

I loved this post by Ross Douthat, the Atlantic blogger (and future New York Times token conservative columnist!) and wanted to highlight it.  In it, he discusses the creeping Europeanization of the United States, and the degree to which it is or is not happening, but moves on to something a little bit more fundamental. … Read more

Nuclear Instability Watch

So it seems matters are coming to a head in Pakistan.  Today, anti-government protests in Lahore were confronted by riot police.  After violent confrontations, something truly surprising happened: the police broke.  They started to defy orders at every level, from the city magistrate on down.  The demonstrators are now filling Lahore, and the head of … Read more

Free Riding

The US is hardly the only First World nation which regards the actual text of its Constitution as a bit of an inconvenience.  Japan does the same thing (perhaps rather appropriately, since we wrote it for them).  Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution prohibits development of an “offensive” military capacity, hence the reason its rather large … Read more

Budget Hijinks

At this point, the only force that continues to pose an effective threat to a progressive agenda is the Democratic Party.  Not the party institution as a whole, necessarily; it remains at least nominally devoted to the progressive program.  However, its current status as the big-tent party necessarily means that it is composed of a … Read more