Friends of Obama (and HPR)

Barack Obama gained two more interesting supporters this week, following Kathleen Sebelius’s endorsement last Wednesday. On January 31, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker announced he was backing the senator from Illinois. Volcker ran the Fed throughout most of the 1980s, and was widely praised for his work mopping up the economic mess of the … Read more

Kathleen Sebelius

Last night, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius gave the Democratic response to President Bush’s State of the Union Address. It was a sober, confident message, looking past the end of the Bush presidency and arguing for an Obama-style politics of national unity. The tonal similarity to Obama was no accident: Sebelius endorsed the Illinois senator today … Read more

On the Right Track, If They Don’t Veer Off

The Democrats need to cool it. Neither Obama nor Clinton will win the general election if they continue to sap each other’s political capital at present rate. Both senators need to instill composure within their respective camps, because the mud the lower levels are slinging is reaching the top. Until recently, they seemingly agreed that … Read more

Turkey’s Europeness

I was looking at the Times today and happened upon this article on the latest development in Turkey, a judge banned an openly Islamic candidate from running. Well, what really amused me and got me thinking was that Turkish news was obviously filed in the World section, and also, if you look at the top … Read more

Obama is Out of Hillary’s Shadow, But is She Out of Bill’s?

The NY times ran an article today discussing shifts in support within the Democratic Party from Hillary to Obama. After candidates reported first-quarter fundraising figures last weekend, it became evident that many former supporters of Bill Clinton had “switched sides” and were now opening up their wallets to Obama instead of Hillary. Such a shift … Read more