President’s Note: Literary Supplement

The Harvard Political Review has long dealt in the currency of ideas. For the past 46 years, the HPR has consistently delivered incisive political analysis. We have dedicated ourselves to addressing and highlighting the ideas that underlie events across Harvard’s campus, the United States, and the world.
With the third annual Literary Supplement, we take this tradition further. Featured here are pieces of cultural criticism, narrative nonfiction, and reflection that seek not only to analyze various intellectual trends and their functioning, but also to trace the path from the genesis of these ideas to their positions in today’s world. The articles presented are sustained meditations on the theme of language and power and in-depth analyses of the relationship between two concepts central to politics and our intellec- tual lives. And, in keeping with the tradition of the HPR, the insight found in this Literary Supplement is unrivaled in novelty and depth.
Read the Literary Supplement here.

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