How China Got to the Top is How We Can Bring Uyghur Muslim Camps Down

How China Got to the Top is How We Can Bring Uyghur Muslim Camps Down

Organ harvests, forced sterilization of women, psychological torture, and forced family separations—the hallmarks of the Xinjiang region in China. Uyghur Muslims live in fear in Xinjiang as the Chinese government continues to wage war on their culture, with its elimination as the goal. Many are subjected to “re-education” camps, a euphemism for an exploitative labor … Read more

Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling

“Jesus Christ was a feminist.” Some might not believe that this statement comes from a nun whose Catholic religion often comes under fire from feminists for its stance on issues such as contraception, abortion, and female ordination. Yet Sister Florence Deacon, President of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, offers this observation based on her … Read more

The Muslim Brotherhood and Political Power

During last year’s debate over Egypt’s new constitution and the various power-grabbing moves by President Muhammad Morsi that followed, the Muslim Brotherhood’s offices suffered a series of attacks and thefts. Anti-Brotherhood protesters clashed with supporters, leading to ten fatalities. This March, demonstrations erupted outside the Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters once again. As before, many protesters focused … Read more