The Real Reason Erdogan Blocked YouTube

In an article I wrote a few days ago, I mentioned that Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had blocked Twitter and YouTube. I sent my article to a friend from Turkey, and he sent me a video of one of the Prime Minister’s speeches on March 27. According to him, this video was the real reason that the Prime Minister banned YouTube before Turkey’s municipal elections.

During this speech, Erdogan was sick. Even for those of us who do not speak Turkish, it is easy to see why this video going viral would be an issue. Erdogan sounds like a pre-pubescent boy, clearly not conducive when he is trying to portray strength and leadership. However, the Turkish government covered this video up, as it officially declared that it was shutting down YouTube because of the recording of government official discussing a false flag attack on Syria.
It makes sense that this video was the real reason that Erdogan shut down YouTube. Twitter was shut down on March 20. YouTube was shut down on March 27. This video was released on March 27 as well. If the government shut down YouTube to cover up the leaked government recording mentioned above, it would have closed YouTube seven days earlier. Thus, considering the timing of YouTube’s block, it almost certainly was the result of something that occurred after the Twitter block. Until something else arises as possible evidence, the above video looks to be it.
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